I'm having trouble logging into my account.

Recently signed up at the restaurant? We may not have your email attached to your account yet. This will prevent your access. Please contact our Customer Loyalty Concierge to correct this for you.

Make sure there are no spaces when entering your 14-digit Bene Rewards card number (Your card number can be found on the back left hand side of your loyalty card).

You may have a card number that is no longer active. If you have recently received a new card at the restaurant, your account may not be updated just yet. Please contact our Customer Loyalty Concierge to update this for you.

Before dining at your restaurant I had 290 points, now I only have 40 and I did not request to use my points.

This is good news! It means you have earned a $25 rewards credit to be used anytime. Each time you reach 300 points, we automatically debit 300 points from your account, and then add the rewards credit to your card. When you login to your account, click on the “Reward Credit History tab” to view your current available credits.

I forgot my card at my last visit, can I still get points?

We can do that! Simply email our Customer Loyalty Concierge for assistance or call us at 401.619.7182

I have a Bene Rewards card and so does my spouse, can we combine?

Yes, please contact our Customer Loyalty Concierge to assist you with deactivating one account and we will transfer the balance to the card you would like to keep active.

I have Bene Rewards card 622990XXXXXXXXX, can I get another copy of this card so my spouse can have one too?

Each card number is unique and we are unable to offer duplicate card numbers for multiple users. Please note that you do not have to present your Bene Rewards card to earn points. Your server is happy to look up your account by name or phone number when a family member is dining without the card.